Light, warm and airy the Yoga Barn is the perfect venue for rebalancing and restoring with gentle and effective yoga sessions




Our yoga studio has a wonderful calm atmosphere to help you relax and focus on getting the most out of your yoga session.  

Natural light streams into the barn which remains comfortably warm year round.  The yoga barn is fully equipped; blankets, mats, blocks and ropes are all available to use - all you need to do is bring yourself.  

 Weekly Courses

We have regular weekly courses running all year round at the Barns.  Details of weekly yoga courses can be found here.

Sophia runs regular weekly classes using techniques from Hatha, Iyengar and Restorative yoga traditions.  You can choose between very gentle classes suitable for anyone who is new to yoga or has had a break for some time, or for some other reason needs a gentler class or a stronger class that concentrates on faster flowing movements together with an emphasis on strengthening and alignment. 

Individual tailored sessions can also be booked.  Contact Sophia to discuss options for individual yoga sessions.  

The Yoga Barn also hosts weekly courses with visiting instructors.  See our full list of yoga classes.

Yoga Weekends

We offer bespoke yoga weekend retreats where you can also stay at the Barns in our beautiful Shepherd's Hut and other accommodation within a few minutes walking distance.

 Details of upcoming wellbeing events can be found here.

Details of accommodation in the area are available here.

Our Next Event

Songs of Nectaire - Sunday 2nd April 3.00pm - for more details:  Songs of Nectaire - flute concert Sunday 2nd April 3.00pm