We will explore our potential, while also acknowledging the obstructed parts of ourselves that inhibit energy flow. The practice ofMaitri will be woven in to the day. Maitri is a Sanskrit word and is the basis of compassion / unconditional friendship with oneself. For most of us, this is very hard to come by. We carry the tendency to be critical and hard. Maitri helps us to relax and come home. It is the seed of happiness and wellbeing. We stop looking outside for something to make us feel good and start looking within. We relax our struggle, with the inevitable pain and discomfort that is part of a human life. We turn towards the places in ourselves we’ve abandoned. Maitri once planted starts to grow and take root, spreading outwards towards the world and all beings. The Dalai Lama once said “my Religion is Kindness.

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Save the Date:  March 14th 2020 Opera Gala, with Students from the Royal Welsh college of Music and Drama  For all information and to book

Book a Private Retreat designed to suit your own needs:  stay in one of the cosy wooden wagons, soak in the wood-fired hot tub,  enjoy private yoga lessons and individual treatments. 

A Yoga Holiday and Adventure in Ukraine  12th-19th September 2020For further details and to book

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