New!  Nurturing Thursdays - Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm 

The idea behind these Thursday evening events is to offer an hour of complete relaxation.   You do not have to have done yoga before and certainly will not be asked to touch your toes!  Instead this is an opportunity to spend an hour away from the normal evening routines and enjoy an opportunity to completely de-stress which should lead to a better night's sleep and a feeling of wellbeing.

We all experience stress in our lives and at times it is more intense than others.  Although a certain amount of stress is unavoidable and even necessary (to keep us from harm) persistently high levels of stress has a huge effect on both our mental and physical wellbeing.  With increasingly worrying and stress inducing news of war, cost of living and environmental concerns that we are bombarded with by the media it is really no surprise that our stress level potential is higher than normal. 

there are four of us here who will be taking it in turns to host the hour every Thursday from October 13th up until Christmas.  We will be offering a wide range of events including:  Restorative yoga - relaxing with various arrays of props to completely support the body, Yoga Nidra - a  relaxation technique that helps both body and mind to switch off without going into a deep sleep, Gong Baths  where the vibrations from different instruments are used to create a deeply healing effect in both body and mind.  there will be other events added to this list over the coming weeks a nd a newsletter will be sent out to remind you of what is taking place that Thursday.  If you are not already subscribed please do sign up or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

October 13th - Resorative Yoga with Sophia - cost £10.  All welcome!


Our Next Event

Songs of Nectaire - Sunday 2nd April 3.00pm - for more details:  Songs of Nectaire - flute concert Sunday 2nd April 3.00pm