Revive and restore on a bespoke wellbeing retreat




Our wellbeing retreats are as unique as you are. 

Every retreat is created especially for you.  Yoga, therapies, food and schedules are carefully planned to create your perfect retreat giving you the chance to rebalance, restore and revitalise at a pace that is right for you.  Unwind and relax as you:

Restore your body with gentle and effective yoga sessions and reflexology.  

Nourish your body with delicious and nutritious meals made from home grown and organic ingedients.  

Refresh with pure clean spring water.

Relax in our luxurious Shepherd's Hut while taking in the exquisite landscape and scenery.  Drift off to sleep listening to the gentle gurgling of spring water and crackle from the wood burning stove.  Wake refreshed and ready for the day ahead.  

Find out more about booking and planning a bespoke retreat.

Only a handful of retreats are offered throughout the year, so please contact us early to avoid disappointment.  

Wellbeing Retreat Dates

Dates and details of upcoming wellbeing retreats

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